Cloud technology is one of the most popular and great resources that can be used by small and big business houses in different ways. In fact, cloud computing model enables on-demand and convenient network-based access to a shared pool of varied configurable resources such as servers, applications, networks, storage and services. Now, small businesses can get more benefits of having access to cloud based applications and software.

The primary benefit of using cloud applications is to get global management access and faster run-time. This technology allows users run business apps through the Internet on a different company’s network. As well as, it can reduce your management effort, own software and hardware demands and service provider‘s interactions. Nowadays, a number of cloud based applications are steadily gaining popularity among small business houses.
Indeed, the apps can be delivered to your gadgets over the internet. You are free to work and use different apps according to your specific requirements. Using this technology, user can run everything remotely along with word processing software, emails and video games. Small businesses can improve their business management system and fasten up their work process by using following applications:

Google Drive
It is one of the most popular applications, which is also known Dropbox. It allows you access and store your files, videos, documents and pictures on your PC, on the web as well as on your SmartPhone. It is a very helpful tool for small business houses that are looking for advantageous cloud computing services and solutions as it allows for sharing documents, files or folders with co-workers from one place. Once users install Dropbox or Google Drive on their PCs and other devices, any changes they make to a document or file will be updated as well as reorganized across the board. It provides 2-18 GB storage space for free. app is available for free of cost. It offers an easy and convenient way to manage your business finances. You can organize home loan, bank, investment accounts and credit card in single place with only one login. It helps you categorize expenses and create a budget based on your total spending. In fact, you will get alert emails about your expenses.

It is a very helpful cloud accounting application for small businesses. You can perform different accounting tasks like on-the-spot expenditure tracking, online payments and invoicing on the way just using your mobile device.

This cloud computing and free web application is specially designed for SmartPhones. It offers an innovative way to put in order your containers for better inventory system and business dealings. It can be used to create virtual containers, a list of contents, print out a QR code and stick it on the authentic container. Moreover, it allows recipients to scan the code by using their SmartPhones and see or update the contents of a particular box.

It is most important for any small business to keep in touch with their esteemed clients. MailChimp application is designed for creating email newsletters about offered services and products. You can share them on social networking sites as well as track results.
This cloud payroll app is specially designed for paperless payroll. Now, you can manage your payroll with a few clicks without any installation or back up. This app can easily connect with your bank and offer seamless deductions remittance and direct deposit to CRA.
All aforementioned cloud based apps offer a number of benefits for small businesses. All these apps provide a reliable privacy as well as excellent security measures.

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