Domain name is a major force behind the success of a website & better social media marketing. Thus, the selection of a perfect domain name is one of the most important decisions for website owners. It mainly impacts the website’s performance, ranking, optimization and marketing in each & every area on the web. Choosing an effective and unique domain name is vital to increase your website’s efficiency in hard-hitting competition as well as in SEO battle. It should be relevant to your target keywords or related with your main keyword. There are several important things you have to take into account before picking that ideal domain name.

It is not an easy task to choose a right domain name without focusing some important factors. As well as, you need to follow some SEO strategies for improving brand image. You can finalize a precise & brand-able domain name by considering three main factors:
  • Search Volume
  • Brand-ability
  • Keyword Phrase

All aforesaid factors will guide you in choosing the best domain name for getting better your business performance and increasing search engine rankings. Generally, SEOs and marketers always buy domains that contain website’s targeted keywords in order to increase CTRs (click-through rates) and to gain top rankings on major search engines (Yahoo, Google) and others.

Let’s take a look at top 5 tools for choosing the precise domain name:

  1. Name Station: It is a domain name generator tool that allows you to enter a single keyword to check the displayed list of all the possible domain names as well as their availability.
  2. NameBoy: The most reliable name generating tool can help you select an ideal domain name for your website. When you enter a primary or secondary word related with your website, NameBoy tool will display several suggestions.
  3. Dnscoop: This tool is used to analyze backlinks, traffic and many other factors to come up with a judgment of the domain’s value.
  4. Domain Tools: It is a simple and user-friendly tool that allows you search for available domain name, related auctions & sales, look up “Whois” information and many more. It will also suggest you similar domain names.
  5. Domize: The most helpful search engine tool can help you find availability of domains easily & quickly. Domize features include a widget for a website to allow visitors to search for domain names and apps for iPhone.

Along with these tools, several other name generator tools available to help companies or entrepreneurs choose the right, ideal and specific domain name for their businesses. It provides several innovative ways to increase sales & customer-base through online marketing. If you want to promote your products & services in different market segments across the globe, it is very important to choose the right, easy to remember and short domain name for your website. It will help in social media marketing (SMM) and keyword optimization by making your website customer-oriented, more relevant and accessible.

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