Website development is one of the fastest growing opportunities for all industrial sectors today. It largely comprises the different web related activities such as web apps development, enterprise portal development, website designing, database web programming, etc. There are several companies have dedicated developers to provide excellent website development services and web solutions to the customers. These services have become one of the most demanding and powerful business strategies for all small and big organizations. Outsourcing services is one of the most reliable solutions to satisfy client’s requirements and business needs at affordable rates. It saves the development cost and valuable time of a company.
Nowadays, outsourcing is considered the best and commercial method for increasing profits as well as getting stability in the highly volatile marketplace. Most of the small and big business enterprises outsource their projects to a prominent offshore company in India. A top IT company delivers the best web solutions in shortest time frame at affordable rate. Cost-effectiveness is one of the main reasons for the popularity of offshore companies all over the world.  Such companies save a lot of time and development cost of each client.

On the other hand, business people should select a reputed web development company that aims to satisfy its client’s requirements and issue valuable solutions or deliverable according to specific requisites within specific time frame. Everyone knows that quality services and customer satisfaction are two most significant aspects to make a business successful. There are several professional IT companies make sure to develop quality-rich and user-specific website to increase customer-base and business revenue by delivering the best possible web solutions. Website design services have become the most important factor of business development process and organizational management system.

Each company wants to develop their website with complete information about the offered goods and services. For this purpose, they hire expert developers to create dynamic, attractive, user-friendly and informative web pages to attract more visitors. Website development is one of the most reliable platforms for entrepreneurs to start a new business entity.

Now, it has become easy to enter the new domestic and global market through online media and promote relevant services or products for users or clients. Website development services help people in many ways for expanding their business to the each corner of the world. Website is one of the best ways to get new business opportunities, increase profits, attract more customers and develop long-lasting relationship with clients by satisfying their needs.
Cloud technology is one of the most popular and great resources that can be used by small and big business houses in different ways. In fact, cloud computing model enables on-demand and convenient network-based access to a shared pool of varied configurable resources such as servers, applications, networks, storage and services. Now, small businesses can get more benefits of having access to cloud based applications and software.

The primary benefit of using cloud applications is to get global management access and faster run-time. This technology allows users run business apps through the Internet on a different company’s network. As well as, it can reduce your management effort, own software and hardware demands and service provider‘s interactions. Nowadays, a number of cloud based applications are steadily gaining popularity among small business houses.
Indeed, the apps can be delivered to your gadgets over the internet. You are free to work and use different apps according to your specific requirements. Using this technology, user can run everything remotely along with word processing software, emails and video games. Small businesses can improve their business management system and fasten up their work process by using following applications:

Google Drive
It is one of the most popular applications, which is also known Dropbox. It allows you access and store your files, videos, documents and pictures on your PC, on the web as well as on your SmartPhone. It is a very helpful tool for small business houses that are looking for advantageous cloud computing services and solutions as it allows for sharing documents, files or folders with co-workers from one place. Once users install Dropbox or Google Drive on their PCs and other devices, any changes they make to a document or file will be updated as well as reorganized across the board. It provides 2-18 GB storage space for free. app is available for free of cost. It offers an easy and convenient way to manage your business finances. You can organize home loan, bank, investment accounts and credit card in single place with only one login. It helps you categorize expenses and create a budget based on your total spending. In fact, you will get alert emails about your expenses.

It is a very helpful cloud accounting application for small businesses. You can perform different accounting tasks like on-the-spot expenditure tracking, online payments and invoicing on the way just using your mobile device.

This cloud computing and free web application is specially designed for SmartPhones. It offers an innovative way to put in order your containers for better inventory system and business dealings. It can be used to create virtual containers, a list of contents, print out a QR code and stick it on the authentic container. Moreover, it allows recipients to scan the code by using their SmartPhones and see or update the contents of a particular box.

It is most important for any small business to keep in touch with their esteemed clients. MailChimp application is designed for creating email newsletters about offered services and products. You can share them on social networking sites as well as track results.
This cloud payroll app is specially designed for paperless payroll. Now, you can manage your payroll with a few clicks without any installation or back up. This app can easily connect with your bank and offer seamless deductions remittance and direct deposit to CRA.
All aforementioned cloud based apps offer a number of benefits for small businesses. All these apps provide a reliable privacy as well as excellent security measures.
Optimization of a website has become the most important part of a company for improving its ranking as well as traffic on the web. There are several SEO tools and techniques available for you to improve web presence. Among all these techniques, link building is one of the most important parts of SEO services helps websites rank higher within major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Today, it cannot be only time-consuming, but extremely high-priced. Many times, bloggers or website owners make some common mistakes and face several web related issues.

For that reason, it is crucial to know how to mitigate the website issues that can occur due to the following link building mistakes:

Uncrawlable Business Website

One of the most important things is to make your website “search engine friendly” and reliable. If a website is blocked by a robots.txt protocol (Robots Exclusion Protocol) or does not get cached by popular search engines, it is a waste of time. Thus, you should know that it is one of the biggest issues, if your website doesn’t get indexed and crawled.

Inaccessibility of Keywords within Contextual Link

To make your SEO campaign better, it is important to have a lot of keywords for linking to your website. The relevancy of keywords placed within the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages) for website rankings. To incorporate your keywords into the anchor text, you also need to have a different backlink profile. On the other side, if you do get the opportunity in incorporating all keywords into a sophisticated site, then be sure to make use of all keywords.

Links on Homepage

Usually, home page of a website receives a number of links. Thus, you can merge your link building campaign by linking to different pages of your website. It helps you rank your key product & service pages much better on the web. You can hire expert search engine optimization services of a well-known software development company or outsource your project to an offshore service provider.

Getting Low-quality Links

Quality is an important aspect of a successful link building campaign. Thus, it is better to have a 500 top-quality links than a 5000 low-quality & spammy links. It doesn’t offer an actual value to website owners. Always try to improve quality to rank better in SERPs.

Relevancy of Websites

Website relevancy plays a key role in better optimization. Hence, it is very essential that your links are placed within other websites that are relevant to your own website. By hiring expert IT Company, you can design and develop a professional business website. With better optimization techniques and link building tools, company will help you increase website ranking as well as traffic on search engines. They offer incredible SEO services and solutions for different projects worldwide.

Bear in mind that most of the SEO professionals move towards link building differently. So, it is good to share your project requirements, ideas, goals and views with experts to avoid link building mistakes in a better way.

Domain name is a major force behind the success of a website & better social media marketing. Thus, the selection of a perfect domain name is one of the most important decisions for website owners. It mainly impacts the website’s performance, ranking, optimization and marketing in each & every area on the web. Choosing an effective and unique domain name is vital to increase your website’s efficiency in hard-hitting competition as well as in SEO battle. It should be relevant to your target keywords or related with your main keyword. There are several important things you have to take into account before picking that ideal domain name.

It is not an easy task to choose a right domain name without focusing some important factors. As well as, you need to follow some SEO strategies for improving brand image. You can finalize a precise & brand-able domain name by considering three main factors:
  • Search Volume
  • Brand-ability
  • Keyword Phrase

All aforesaid factors will guide you in choosing the best domain name for getting better your business performance and increasing search engine rankings. Generally, SEOs and marketers always buy domains that contain website’s targeted keywords in order to increase CTRs (click-through rates) and to gain top rankings on major search engines (Yahoo, Google) and others.

Let’s take a look at top 5 tools for choosing the precise domain name:

  1. Name Station: It is a domain name generator tool that allows you to enter a single keyword to check the displayed list of all the possible domain names as well as their availability.
  2. NameBoy: The most reliable name generating tool can help you select an ideal domain name for your website. When you enter a primary or secondary word related with your website, NameBoy tool will display several suggestions.
  3. Dnscoop: This tool is used to analyze backlinks, traffic and many other factors to come up with a judgment of the domain’s value.
  4. Domain Tools: It is a simple and user-friendly tool that allows you search for available domain name, related auctions & sales, look up “Whois” information and many more. It will also suggest you similar domain names.
  5. Domize: The most helpful search engine tool can help you find availability of domains easily & quickly. Domize features include a widget for a website to allow visitors to search for domain names and apps for iPhone.

Along with these tools, several other name generator tools available to help companies or entrepreneurs choose the right, ideal and specific domain name for their businesses. It provides several innovative ways to increase sales & customer-base through online marketing. If you want to promote your products & services in different market segments across the globe, it is very important to choose the right, easy to remember and short domain name for your website. It will help in social media marketing (SMM) and keyword optimization by making your website customer-oriented, more relevant and accessible.

Being a leading software development company, Shriv ComMedia Solutions strives to provide quality-rich software application development services and solutions to their esteemed customers. Our top-quality solution helps clients to stay alive and remain synchronized with their competitor firms. If you are running a business that requires professional assistance & excellent software development services, you can outsource your requirements or project needs to a professional software service provider that can offer their services at affordable prices.

At SCMS, we are using proven IT processes and structured methodologies that help our clients to reduce risk factors, costs and project complexity with excellent offshore software development outsourcing services. Moreover, our team of professionals help clients to develop custom software apps and assist them throughout the complete SDLC, including application maintenance, project management, implementation, systems analysis, development, design and training.

Important traits to consider while choosing an IT company

When you are seeking a professional software service provider or a top IT company, there are some crucial things that you must consider, apart from the cost.

  • Professionalism & stability in marketplace: At the outset, you need to hire professional service provider that has long-standing in the marketplace. It will ensure you about the best business outcome.
  • Availability of adequate & skilled workforce: Keep in mind that company should have skilled and qualified developers, designers, project managers and testers.
  • Quality & flexibility: A company should offer quality services and solutions according to your project requirements, budget and business goals. As well as, it should offer round-the-clock support services & details about the software development work status.
  • Real-time delivery & cost-effectiveness: One of the most important factors of a top IT company is “cost-effectiveness”. You must hire a cost-effective software service provider that also ensures you about the real-time delivery of solutions.

Considering all aforementioned factors, you can choose a reliable service provider according to the specific project requirements & budget. For this, you can review the feedbacks and testimonials of their previous & current client-base.

SCMS use modern technologies, latest applications development platforms, project management techniques, tools, global delivery model and software engineering practices. We follow current market trends to explore new business opportunities & expand our client’s business in new market segments across the globe. The strong & qualified technical team of professionals handle critical & non-critical project requirements efficiently. The primary goal of our company is to power up clients’ businesses by delivering the best possible solution.

Why you should choose SCMS:

  • Saves your labour cost (around 40% to 80% of your investment on the project)
  • Proven track-record & sound background
  • Gives you an opportunity to hire experts for variable costs
  • One time investment
  • Ensures to deliver custom-made software solutions & exclusive android application development services
  • We offer a great way to free your assets from regular expenses on infrastructure set-ups
  • A team of skilled developers who have a sound technical knowledge & expertise
  • Gives you plenty of time to focus on your business objectives as well as maintaining your client-base
  • Recommends unique solution for each project requirement
  • Large resource pool and technical knowledge
  • Smooth business functioning
  • Meet project deadline with reduced time-to-market

At Shriv ComMedia Solutions, you will get top-notch solution to carry out your business needs productively. For over a decade, we have been providing software services to our clients globally. We have a large & experienced pool of resources and technical expertise to deal with your challenging software project requirements. Our professionals always keep improving themselves to provide you the best application development services. The best part about outsourcing your project to us is that your job is done in a planned and reliable manner.



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